Quaker school

Mary and I attended the Haverford Friends Quaker school for the two years Dad was stationed in Philadelphia. What wonderful memories. There were only 8 kids in my class, all girls. Mrs Clark was our teacher. We played field hockey in the field we walked across from our house to the school. Mary played right end. She didn’t mind all that running. My choice was goalie..(no running). Isn’t it interesting what you remember and what you don’t?  I think a sudden move from one environment to another gives your memory a kick.

There we were in the middle of the school year in a new school, new friends, new house – all different and in tough times for my parents and the world.

I had attended a Congregational church in Mass and now we had weekly Quaker Meetings for the students in this new school. Where was the music? Where was the choir in their robes walking down the aisle singing? Where was the minister standing in his robes at a pulpit? Or the stained glass windows to look at while trying to sit still?

I remember asking if it would be all right to sing and was told if I was “moved” to do so, yes. I think I tried it, and if I did I certainly came out of my shy shell to do so.

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One Response to Quaker school

  1. Jaana says:

    This is really interesting. When we look back, it often surprises me what memories stand out for me. Thanks for sharing.

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