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  Twins…both my grandmothers were twins, one with a sister, the other a brother. All four times I was pregnant I hoped it would not be this time. My four were born within a five year period and twins would … Continue reading

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medical intervention or rather inspiration

A visit to my new doctor last week brought to mind two stories. Dr. V. was accompanied by a young college student who was pre-med with the dream of being an OB-GYN Doctor some day. I had a short chat … Continue reading

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my life as a student

I’ve been doing more thinking about teachers pets and – the rest of us. My own experience is as the “other one.”  I was not a bad student, neither was I brilliant. My memories of school begin with the second … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day

I am sitting in my favorite chair on Mother’s Day remembering my mother. She was born in 1906 in Erie Pa, the middle child of three. I know very little of her early life, or rather I forget what she … Continue reading

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teacher’s pet – not!

In an effort to inspire more writing, I have gotten suggestions from my kids. I thought I had told all my stories and was in limbo. With two little girls visiting frequently, stories of grade school have returned. We went … Continue reading

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