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early days in a lab – connections part 2

I had a short stint as a lab technician in a Bio lab near my home after I graduated and before we were able to set a wedding date. I walked in to the Lab one day in September looking … Continue reading

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Now a days it seems that eharmony or some other such computer program unites people. In my day we gals supposedly went to college to find a man, get married, settle down and have a family. This was not the … Continue reading

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Time moves so fast. My daughter in law was remarking at how fast time is moving along. I assured her it will get even faster. As I think back on when I was a kid, there are so many changes. … Continue reading

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basement scrounging

I have been scrounging around in my basement this week, not to reorganize my fabric, or re-evaluate my need for all my saved yarn, but to find something my son asked for:  the silhouettes cut by my great-grandmother. Somewhere in … Continue reading

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All on a Thursday

Race day is Thursday. All day I get an hourly wind report from my hubby. There were clouds and rain threatening, but as the day progressed, the weather cleared and the wind, well, the wind was there but in a … Continue reading

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boats of mine a’boating…

Boating season is approaching. My son and his friends have races off the dock at  our house on the Lake. My husband has the committee boat, with Sherri as able crew to hold flags and signal those at the start, … Continue reading

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