quilt requests from my preschool teacher-daughter

alphabet quiltA year or so ago she wanted an alphabet quilt. I made one with large letters arranged around three sides. That way she could have circle time with each child on a letter, or so she said.

Last month, she suggested a numbers quilt. I went to the local quilt shop that carries all the Eric Carle fabrics; The Hungry Caterpillar, The Brown Bear, and others were all displayed in the back of the shop. She already had those. But was there a “numbers” book? She could not think of one. But the owner of the shop had an idea.

dinosaur quiltJulia led my to the dinosaur train fabric books and an idea surfaced. With the dinosaurs and the Eric Carle fabric that looked like crayon drawing, I scrounged together a numbers quilt and backed it with a UFO with animals and bright colors.

Was that enough for the preschool teacher? Well it was, but the quilter had more in mind. I had the class draw houses. My intent was to have houses surrounding the dinosaur train and I had planned to number the houses. Didn’t work. Didn’t look right.

A new plan was hatched. I made the houses, with a very liberal translation of what a 3 year old drawing looked like. 14 house blocks but what else? The teacher suggested people.

She teaches the little ones how to draw people: a circle for the head, larger circle for the body, or triangles. Sticks for arms and legs and small circles for the hands and feet. She made a  drawing on a note pad while we ate lunch and the light bulbs came on. She suggested I come to class with pre-cut shapes and have the kids make their own.

house quiltThe pieces were cut and a background fabric prepared. The trouble with taking them in to the class was that I was having too much fun. I had people standing, waving, doing somersaults and on and on: boys and girls in bright rainbow colors. Too much fun.

The quilt is now quilted. The preschool-brained quilter will give it to the preschool teacher reluctantly. I am wondering if her little 3 year olds will recognize their house and if they will find their own person, (I am not counting in it,) or start drawing people in various poses?

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3 Responses to quilt requests from my preschool teacher-daughter

  1. This is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing your creations.

  2. Susanne says:

    These are wonderful!

  3. Kristen says:

    These are beautiful. Your daughter is lucky to have a talented and supportive mom in making these for her class. It must provide such a comfort to her. I wish you could make one for my fifth grade class. 🙂

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