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The “fine art” of enjoying a museum

I am well acquainted with a few museums. As a college student about to attend Radcliffe (Harvard) I was filling out my class selection before I entered my freshman year. We could only take four classes. I found three that … Continue reading

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it’s all about the stockings….

I guess it is as good a time as any to write about Christmas. My first memory of the big day was a Christmas eve when we were visiting my mother’s parents… my grand parents. I did not see them … Continue reading

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there were never such devoted…..

Sisters: My sister forwarded to me an e-mail about the sisters a woman needs in her life. It doesn’t necessarily mean biological sisters, but the women in your life that every woman needs. In the process of my writing to … Continue reading

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What a wonderful thing

What a wonderful thing writing a blog has become. I love to read my daughter’s two blogs. I see her almost every week for lunch on Saturday but our conversations are different from her written thoughts. She is the one … Continue reading

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