Last of the trip to Alaska

May 18

The Margerie Glacier. . And raining…

We are here for the day and will learn about all of it…65miles from where the first ice field started.

Grand Pacific glacier to the right looks like a huge rock. Glacier moves 7 feet a day, calves unpredictably. This is mountain goat territory. Our ranger, Kevin, is making the most of a very overcast and rainy day pointing out goats, white dots among the rocks and some eagles as well.

With our new quarters we have become recluse, enjoying peace and quiet in our room.

Sitting at meals with Sia, I am reminded of what I used to do, chatter with the passengers sitting with us. The noise in the dining room, between engine and people overwhelms my blasted hearing aids, but I love looking around at the people, mouths moving everywhere and the young staff on the run around the tables.

may 18 alaska

May 18

Wednesday. Saginaw bay.

Rainy and freezing so we snuggled in our fancy suite and

read our way through the miserable stuff. Annie, the tour

guide has been frustrated with the weather. She was with

us on the ten days of unusual sun the previous week.

may 18 2


May 19


Red Bluff Bay

We woke up to bright sun in the window. Sia stuck my

name on a skiff tour so I finally agreed and at 10:45

wrapped in jacket, hat and, life jacket I joined the trip. We

had a lot of birders who pointed cameras here there and

everywhere at moving spots. The long lenses came out

and the birds or seals were identified. Since I can’t hold

binoculars and can’t identify the birds… I looked at the

interesting design on the rocks and mountain tops, seeing

dogs and faces.

Lunch and then up goes the anchor and off we go again.

may 18 3

May 20

Thomas bay

A nice day for the six who are willing and insane to take

an all day hike into the wilderness. Shorter hikes and

kayaking and skiff tours are also available.

It is fun to have meals with Sia and Gary. Sia is the people

person I used to be but also pays attention and

remembers places she has been like dad. I find I have

become a people watcher since communication is hard

in a room full of people chatting and the sound of the

ship engine roaring….hearing aids have their faults.

Another day on board with a book… Can’t complain with

our fancy suite.

Watched Sia and Gary try stand up boards and when they

returned Sia asked if she could dive in. Annie said “no” but

if she would hand her the camera, she could fall off the board

on purpose and be photographed. So she did!

….while Annie, the head person held her camera and

photographed it.

may 24 alaska

May 21

One more day on route back to Juneau. Sia knocks on the

door of our luxurious suite to tell us the whales and dolphins

are greeting us. We move lazily and dress and join the parade to

brunch. Twenty one days of luxury, three

meals a day (though too spicy) and no TV news of the

presidential candidates.

Maybe we will skip the TV when we get home but we will

have to shop and cook and clean with the ever changing

view of our lake. Boo hoo… Life is tough.??


We are south of Tracy arm, Dawes glacier, heading down

Another seemingly endless waterway to spend the last day

Playing with the skiffs kayaks and stands up boards. We will

Probably have the polar plunge by the end of the day.


Sia went in four Times!


Cruising along

Endicott arm


So it is over. Yip yip…. home again. Think I’ll go back to my window

sill and watch the birds.

Let me know when you plan to go somewhere again….Russ


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