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Lunch with Amelia on Saturdays is a tradition with us, unless she has another commitment with her daughter or a friend who lives in Seattle. I am not sure when it started but it is a treat for me to … Continue reading

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Where are they now?

I saw a teddy bear lying on the side of the road. All the way to my appointment I thought about that bear. What child lost it? How did it get on the side of the road which was a … Continue reading

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new quilt ideas

Oh dear. I’ve started another quilt project and a new knitting project and, when invading my basement, have found even more unfinished projects. Is this new? No…. It is just me. I attended my quilt guild last week because there … Continue reading

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a playlist from my life

Music music music My grand daughter once asked me what music I enjoyed when I was young. I had to tell her I didn’t have music plugged into my ears the way the kids do today. I took piano lessons … Continue reading

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