May 16 – Alaska trip

May 16
On route from Juneau to Glacier Bay
We met with Sia and Gary by phone call and they came and chatted with us as I leaned over the ship rail and they  were on the dock. Once we had breakfast we joined them. They had rented a car so we were driven to the Mendenhall glacier. A short elevator ride to the viewing place and a short film. It was quiet. I gather six cruise ships had been there the day before and five were due the next day.
mendenhall glacier
Of course a trip to the quilt shop… Yarn and book
stores closed.
When we returned to the ship, we found we were upgraded to the  fanciest room on the ship…. Two rooms, a hot tub, a small fridge and space galore. We hardly know how to enjoy it all.
Since it was a new trip for all but us we had life boat drill again and the usual introductions and to bed. With this spare room, I just might read my book here and be unsociable.
It is strange to look around at the people who are all new, and see some who might be… but aren’t from the old group. New names, new faces… and Sia and Gary. It is nice to have them with us for the trip.
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One Response to May 16 – Alaska trip

  1. Marijo Fox says:

    Beautiful picture. Sounds like you had a great trip. But….good to have you home.

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