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a mother-daughter slice

Note from editor daughter, Amelia: Mom sent these pics to me as a “slice.”  They say pictures can be worth a thousand words – maybe.  I’ll say these pictures speak to the continued spark and dedication to craft my mom … Continue reading

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I’m remembering letters

My grandmother on my dad’s side and my mother were letter writers. In fact my  grandfather on my dad’s side was as well. You know… letters… on paper, carefully folded and placed in an envelope which was addressed to the … Continue reading

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photo fun

Wow…. A week with my mini and look what I can do. Katie brought me a new stained glass window and installed it. It is getting rave reviews. But my mini has new ideas of what to do with it … Continue reading

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Sent from my iPad

My brain is on overload once again! I have acquired a mini iPad! All other activities are on hold. No quilting. No knitting, no cooking. No shopping…… Nothing but staring at this tiny screen trying to make sense out of … Continue reading

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savoring a sight

I went down to the basement a few days ago. I don’t go down there often. All the appliances I need are on the main floor. The basement houses my fabric and yarn and an exercise bike that gives me … Continue reading

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