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Both of my parents were born in Pennsylvania but on opposite sides of the state and in the same year . He had two older sisters and one younger. I recall him telling us that he walked miles and miles … Continue reading

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coincidences – continued

(This is a second installment of a writing assignment from my daughters – begun last week.) Coincidence #2 Both of my parents were born in Pennsylvania but opposite sides of the state Coincidence #3 Frances Van Cleve graduated from Radcliffe … Continue reading

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a first installment of my assignment

Wow. I have been given an assignment…. write all you can remember about…. and on and on from my daughter and a promise to my middle daughter to add to the assignment. If this was Mrs. Peckham, a very tough … Continue reading

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an answer to her prayers (?)

Sometimes my memories go way back and then I forget some parts of them. Thank goodness Sea remembers the pertinent parts that I don’t. This one comes from seeing a big tame bunny foraging  in our yard. It  belongs to … Continue reading

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