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Dogs and I are not the best of friends. I do have a very real memory of being chased by a huge dog when I was walking home from school. I am learning that not all dogs will chase me. … Continue reading

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a day of conversations

It’s been a day of talking to strangers. At the book store I popped into the elevator to go to the second floor. A lady was in there ready to push 2. “Me too”, says I. “I don’t mind walking … Continue reading

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the braided rug

The braided rug. Oh the tale that accompanies the braided rug. Some time in the great past my mother thought she would make a braided rug. There were some new tools she had found. If you cut the wool strips … Continue reading

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I have one sister who is two years older than I am. Her birthday is in July, mine is in September. With Easter and Christmas it made for four nicely divided events for my grandmother on Momie’s side to send … Continue reading

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taking charge

I did go to the quilt meeting. Since Mary had specifically invited me and another former member, she made us sit in the front row. I would have preferred the back row and had planned to sit with my neighbor … Continue reading

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