May 14

endicott armEndicott Arm….. Dawes Glacier
Seeing small ice burgs
The icing on the cake one lady said. We are not anchored
because it is too deep so we are circling back and forth
facing a glacier, small bits of ice are moving past us.
The young couple embraced and the people in the lounge
watching smiled. The steward, Karen, went to the bar
and returned with a tray and two small glasses. Wine I
presume, and someone held the door as she took the
wine to the couple. Another embrace and applause from
those watching.  I had not seen him on his knee… But
Rick and Jennie and now officially engaged, ring and all.
I sat on the deck with my hearing aids removed watching
as the ship moved in an arc across the opening of the
small bay. High rocks and tree growth on the left, a stream
of water pouring down between the rocks and trees on
the right . A snow topped mountain straight ahead. Back
and forth slowly. Three paddle boarders in the distance.
A single kayaker heading to the bay opening .. And silence
and the breeze and the sun making it a perfect day.
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