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Children are great observers

“You had your  hair cut!” came the word from a Poolette. Some people are very observant. I told them the story of the first year I found myself teaching first grade. I had taught second and third split classes until … Continue reading

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“that little boy is going to change your lives…”

After 138 slices, I have written much about my daily life which doesn’t change much except for the weather. I have written about the two little girls who live near by and visit often. I have neglected tales of the … Continue reading

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back to sewing

   Several years ago Amelia had a painting project with her preschoolers that was so much fun, we former (a long time ago) preschoolers wanted to try it as well. We set up the dining room table with newspapers, brought … Continue reading

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knowing where to look

C a r l   R o g e r s   s a i d :    ”   T h e   b a s i c   i d e a   b e h i n … Continue reading

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