May 10

Traitors cove
Misty morning but no rain.
We are anchored in misty cove. Trees on every
hillside.some are taking a hike into the wilderness…hiking
boots, rain gear,and a lot of stamina. Sounds like more
than mom wants.
Others are off in skiffs for a tour around the area. Since I
can’t see any nearby, they must be really off to the
wilderness. We are sitting in the lounge
listening to the chatter, the engine keeping us lit and
warm, and the swish of an espresso machine… reading
book number five. Kathy loaned me a book she had with
her knowing that I was reading so fast I will be finished
well before the trip ends. I am glad, as at the rate I am
reading, I did not bring enough books.
And so the day progresses. We are not seeing a lot of
Alaska but what we are seeing is the same: trees, rocks, water,
and the 77 people on board carrying on
conversations….some of which mom can hear… But too
much to decipher. Oh to be like me….. Yip yip…hearing
everything. And more…
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