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insanity of war

War has come close to me for the first time in many years. The best friend of my grand daughter’s husband died in a helicopter crash… not from enemy fire but of course it will take awhile for the reasons … Continue reading

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I’m outta here!

After praising the fact that rain is tolerable, I think I made the statement: ” just my luck we will have a blizzard.”  Well, we did. Even a friend in California wrote to say we had made national news and … Continue reading

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It’s(now)…it’s snow…a quilt project

The Christmas festivities are over and  I am back on my sewing machine piecing fabric into what might be called quilts. I keep getting new ideas and find myself scrounging around in my basement looking for just the right fabric … Continue reading

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nice tradition

Small children sit close to their moms; unsure about what is to happen. One grandma is with her daughter and her two very little granddaughters.  They alternate between clinging to mom or grandma. A mother and daughter are in owl … Continue reading

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Rain, Rain go away, Come again another day… Well, there’s a pretty good chance you will get what you wish for if you live in the northwest. In fact the poem should be re-written into Sun, Sun show your  face, … Continue reading

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Christmas memories 2011

Lucy, age 8, was to receive some kitchen gadgets from my daughter so I made her an apron and chef hat knowing of the other gift. Lucy is a prima donna and immediately put on her hat and apron and … Continue reading

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