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St Anthony’s Dance

My usual routine at the pool….. I have learned to go early. If I go on time, the previous class has filled all the dressing rooms and by the time I get changed, I miss half my pool time. So … Continue reading

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teaching: here and there

I was enjoying teaching first grade when my husband came home with a bombshell. The company he worked for had been bought out by another and he had the choice to look for another job or take the transfer to … Continue reading

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Writing. I love reading about the writing that is going on in some schools today. I find it hard to imagine the stories my daughter tells me her preschool kids “write” but then I shouldn’t. My own kids told me … Continue reading

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response to “cooking” from “the cook”

Although I am a reasonably smart person, it took me awhile – okay – a few seconds – then I realized the humor – “Mom, I need your advice about cooking…” – a slight delay over the phone , now … Continue reading

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I received a phone call from my Minn. daughter. “I have a question about cooking.” I burst out laughing. Katie is the daughter who really cooks. She visits us with her recipes on a zip drive and cooks for us … Continue reading

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