What a wonderful thing

What a wonderful thing writing a blog has become. I love to read my daughter’s two blogs. I see her almost every week for lunch on Saturday but our conversations are different from her written thoughts. She is the one who talked me into blog writing. I was unsure, at first. Who wants to read what an old fogie writes about her youth, her kids, motherhood, teaching in “the old days” and current visits with friends and family

Well, surprise. Someone is actually reading my blogs. It isn’t just family, in fact I am not sure family is reading it very often except when I tell them they are the focus this week. I sent the information to my sister this week and in return she sent me some writing my mother wrote long ago about her memories of on old house and members of her family I know very little about.

I love reading blogs of teachers around the country who are struggling today to teach kids in the current environment and lack of resources of the times. It seems there are more thoughtful teachers out there . I don’t recall talking with my fellow staff members about how to improve what I am doing. I recall attending every meeting and class offered when I was teaching but some of my fellow teachers attended only when they got the credit… not just to learn new ideas.

I find myself looking at the Monday blog-a-sphere (if there is such a word) that is called Design Wall Monday where almost 100 quilters show what they are working on. I am inspired by their ideas and feel very good about the number of projects they are working on as sometimes, my long list of started and not often finished plans, embarrasses me. Not so, others have stacks of fabric and projects underway or found amidst a pile and hauled out to rethink.

Now off to work on my next project. I wonder if I will finish it or will something else take my fancy this week?

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4 Responses to What a wonderful thing

  1. Linda Baie says:

    Teachers, and even quilters have long been isolated except for the occasional talk in the hall, those dry, dry faculty meetings, and the quilting bee, if still happening sometimes. It’s great to hear others talking across the country, and the world, about their lives & their teaching, as you’ve said. I didn’t know about the Monday ‘Design Wall’ & will pass it on to a few quilter friends. They will love it as you have I’m sure. Feeling a part of something is a nice feeling, & you’ve just written a great slice of ‘why’.

  2. I love reading your blog so I am cheering you on. More more more….

  3. Thanks for the Design Wall link. My mom would love it as she is an avid quilter. Love you snow flakes on your blog. 🙂

  4. It is a wonderful thing! I’m glad you are writing as well. It’s good for the heart and soul, just like quilting and crafting! 🙂

    Is it snowing here? Hope I’m not seeing things . . .

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