there were never such devoted…..


My sister forwarded to me an e-mail about the sisters a woman needs in her life. It doesn’t necessarily mean biological sisters, but the women in your life that every woman needs. In the process of my writing to her, she sent me information of her life today. I haven’t seen her in more than ten years. We live on opposite sides of the country but we do have that common bond of growing up together and enjoying a very happy childhood.

As my own children were growing up, my “sisters” were the parents of my children’s friends. We shared a neighborhood or a school or Girl Scouts, and watched the kids as they grew up and left home.

When a sudden move to Florida thrust me into a whole new life, no kids, no PTA, no job, I had to look for a new network of “sisters” and found them in the quilting community. And on moving to the Cape and then returning to the west, the same sisterhood was there for me. Each week my quilting friends gather and laugh, commiserate, and share cooking recipes (I listen – I avoid cooking ) and patterns and ideas. I welcome my Wednesday mornings … my friends.

Then, there is another group who happen to be all women, who have become a part of my week.

Going to the pool twice a week is interesting and different. There are 8 to 10 of us in the pool. In fact ten is the maximum number allowed since it is a very small pool. It is a part of the local rehab center and you need a doctor or physical therapists recommendation to get on the list to be a part of this. The class that precedes mine is an arthritis exercise group. My group is open to an independent program-whatever we need. We have all had a session of two or more with a therapist and there is a sheet we have all been given for what we should and should not do in the pool. There are varied symptoms in our group… most of which we never talk about so I really don’t know why they are there. My excuse is double knee surgery some ten years ago and I found out that once I am on the list and assigned a time, if I give it up I will lose it. I pay the monthly fee even if I will be away for a while. The reason to stay here is that the pool is kept very warm.

It is a diverse group; younger than me and  older; one lady just turned 90 last summer. One comes in a wheel chair with a service dog which we must not talk to because she is “on duty”. We have absolutely nothing in common except that we are in the pool  together. One lady (we are all ladies in this group) named us the Poolettes. We talk about everything except religion and politics. The weather gets a bit dull after a while and our chatter can be quite meaningless. When we come across a subject we are not sure about, someone will say “Google-it” and we all go home to our computers and bone up on that subject. Chances are it won’t even come up again.

We had several months discussion on what you could do with some doilies one person had been given. The pool now has a small quilt with a doily sail on a boat labeled “our rescue boat”.

We  spent weeks talking about ground cherries. Recipes are often talked about and some are sent by e-mail if we remember when we get home. Some have taken trips and one day we covered a trip to Tahiti and mine up the Erie canal, or part of it. The service dog had surgery so her owner just returned from being home with her sick dog. Another lady has been gone for a while, and  someone called her to see how she was doing.

It never stops amazing me at what can be talked about with ten, or less, people, who have nothing in common, but we chatter and we laugh, and we are sympathetic to some needs and we all ask where someone is if they are missing and greet them happily when they return.

So that too is part of my group of sisters, and I love it when my sister writes now and then, and occasionally we call to keep up with each other…  but I admit not enough.

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4 Responses to there were never such devoted…..

  1. Ruth says:

    Lovely the way you shared so many different meanings to one little word. Thanks for giving me a glimpse into your “sisters.”

  2. Linda Baie says:

    I love that you use ‘sister’ as a meaning for women in groups. We certainly are special people and special in support for each other. I like the details you wrote of your poolettes that no matter how surface the topic, you all continue to relish the camaraderie of the group, and care about each other. Your topic started me contemplating my own ‘sisters’, needed and appreciated!

  3. Oh I do hope you share this sister story with your sister! What a treat (and I must admit, I shared several giggles too) to read your slice today. The ‘Poolettes’ sound like an amazing group of women with much knowledge and history to share, but a special bond has formed, like sisters. Amazing and continue to enjoy all your sisters!

  4. Christy says:

    I love the lens through which you view the women in your life over the years. I especially love the “google-it” detail. I think that even more-so than the idea of bonding with sisters, google is universal. I can’t help but think of my own relationships with more appreciation after reading this celebration of yours. Thank you!

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