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Field trips

What was my schooling like compared to  today? I don’t remember a whole lot about elementary school: a teacher who made me move to the front row because I was the postal station for the boys on all sides of … Continue reading

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itchy, itchy, no scratchy scratchy

Many years ago, Katie, the middle kid, crewed on a big sail boat for a race. Somehow she tripped on the boat and sprained her ankle. I don’t recall if she stuck it out ’til the end of the race, … Continue reading

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putting my grands to work

Does anyone really care what an eighty year old person does or thinks? Well, I guess my kids do. They call me when life is exciting or different for them. They tell me what my grandchildren are doing. And the … Continue reading

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just thinkin’

We had lunch out last week and the very young waitress hung around after asking if our meal was “tasting fine.” It was a beautiful sunny day, which is rare around here , so she asked if we had plans … Continue reading

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pecking order

Running errands and making appointments, I find my mind wanders as I travel familiar roads and wait at stop lights, certain that there is a gadget in my car that turns them red as I approach the intersection. Today, my … Continue reading

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It’s Sunday… the day I write my blog or dig up some old writing and send it off to Amelia with or without pictures for her to “load” on Tuesday. So what have I done today…. nothing. Well, it isn’t … Continue reading

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I am not much of an outdoor person

I am not much of an outdoor person.  I grew up summering on Cape Cod, so I did learn to swim. I crewed on  sailboat races but did not skipper the boat. It seems that when I skippered, the various … Continue reading

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