We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Three of our clan were missing, but we added two very tiny ones to the family gathering. Katie took off a month of work to come and help Alex and Jo through the first few weeks of giving birth to twin girls. Kaylee and Zoey were certainly the center of attention on Thanksgiving day. The two not so little girls arrived the day before and while Mom made the pecan pie, the girls and I watched a million ads between the parade events in NY on TV. But when someone said “The twins are here” they raced upstairs to hold and cuddle and observe two very tiny little beings.
I did manage the turkey, cranberry sauce and squash and the family provided the rest. How many Thanksgiving feasts had the men in the kitchen, making the gravy and stuffing, the veggies and cutting the turkey., then overseeing the array of dishes as the family gathered to fill their plates for the meal.
I was amazed when everyone was seated and seemed to wait for all to be ready. What was I supposed to say…
“One, two, three, go” seemed to be the words that came out of my mouth and everyone dug in and the room became quiet. Did we need to say “thanks’. It was obvious that everyone was thankful to be there, seeing family and enjoying life. What more could I say.
The rest of the day was so full of conversations I could not keep up with it all. Who was where and doing what. Everyone got to hold the babies, except me. I sat and watched them grin and stretch and sneeze. That was enough for me, while others were cleaning up in the kitchen , and feeding or holding or changing babies.
Happy Thanksgiving… what more can I say.FullSizeRender

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Field trips

What was my schooling like compared to  today? I don’t remember a whole lot about elementary school: a teacher who made me move to the front row because I was the postal station for the boys on all sides of me and got caught passing their notes –  an assembly where we marched in to a huge theater like place to music and then marched out – or about when I moved to a Quaker school and recall Quaker meetings where there was no music. We did perform Die Meistersingers rewritten for grade 6 by the music teacher.

Today we went out to lunch and passed a middle school where a group of students were working on a garden with a covered structure for growing things. We saw a parade of kids walking down the street… they could have been headed to a museum. I doubt they were out for a lunch time stroll. We saw another group of kids returning from a boat trip out in the bay. Wonderful!
I taught with a teacher who would take his class on field trips just before vacation times. I thought he was nuts until he told me why. The kids are crazy waiting for vacation, why not get them out and doing something they will like. I followed his example after that when I could.
He took them to the grocery store and I did that as well, walking across the street and exploring the aisles with a list of treasures to discover, and, of course, the bakery where they were all given a cookie.
Over the years I recall a trip across the school yard where we counted dandilions and put them in piles of ten. In Florida we went to a museum where we had to rush the 3rd grade boys through a certain art exhibit which was hardly the kind of art we had planned to see. I took a first grade trip to a museum where the docent asked the class what the local Indians used for a tooth brush and the entire class chimed in “camel’s hair tooth brushes”. They had listened well to the Bible stories they heard at chapel once a week where Noah and Abraham and others woke up every morning, put on their Reeboks and brushed their teeth with camels hair tooth brushes before going about their task of the day
Why do I think of this today… because the trips out of school, the occasions that were not the routine, those are what I remember, and I suspect that is what the kids remember as well. Keep those field trips going, even across the street or around the corner. The kids will remember

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I took last week off…. But now I think I am back in the routine… rut. I can sew on my sewing machine with my left foot. I can walk around in my “boot” which isn’t very stylish and doesn’t match my other shoe, but is much more comfortable than the cast. I am 8 inches away from finishing the second sleeve on the sweater I told myself I would knit during this unwanted hiatus. Sewing it together will not take long. And I have bought more yarn and more fabric for the next project. I cleaned out another closet and found more unfinished projects… so I guess everything is back to normal… more or less.
The big news of last week was the arrival of my first great granddaughters. Kaylee and Zoey have arrived and Alex and Jo are ready to face their homecoming soon. Pictures show Alex holding Zoey, her little head barely filling his hand. How tiny they are! Grandma Katie will visit next month and by then they should be home and things as normal as they will be for the next 18 years, and we will go for a visit.
I have two Christmas stockings to knit and have been told not to make them too small. What fun…. and two baby smocked dresses and two…… I am not sure I should make any more commitments. I can now write about the other girls…  “not-so-little”  -Lucy and Phoebe, and the “little” girls Kaylee and Zoey. I wish they were near enough that I could see them often. They grow up so fast.

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itchy, itchy, no scratchy scratchy

Many years ago, Katie, the middle kid, crewed on a big sail boat for a race. Somehow she tripped on the boat and sprained her ankle. I don’t recall if she stuck it out ’til the end of the race, but I do know that many of the skippers in this race were part of the local medical profession. She was in good hands. Somehow she was given a cast on her ankle and told to keep it on for a specific amount of time.
That summer, I recall, we took a trip east to explore colleges with Katie in the cast. She wanted to get it off, get moving again and I remember going to the hospital in Cooperstown NY (Dad’s home town) and the cast was removed… I assume with some type of inspection.
Forward many years… here I am with a cast and told to keep it on for six weeks. Two to go… Of course Katie happened to mention to me last week that she was sorry she had the cast taken off so soon… whatever amount of time it was. But I can tell you… after all these years I sympathize…
I want this itchy hot thing OFF!!!! …

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showing my colors

Sweater progress… up to the arm pits. Not bad for a week sitting around watching TV and knitting ‘til my thumbs are numb. I also relearned how to crochet an afghan square… thank you – YouTube. I just might go back to the sewing machine and making quilt tops.
I learned to appreciate my grumpy butler when a daughter suggested I might have been put in a nursing home. I got a smirk from him when I told him what she said and since then I have tried to be less grumpy.
A visit to the Doc and a new cast… note the Seahawks colors…(they won the game)  and a gorgeous new shoe that doesn’t exactly match the other one. Oh well…
As for driving a car… suggestion, next time don’t mess with the right foot. Doc said it could be ten weeks, just in time to buy the turkey for Thanksgiving. Can I remain less grumpy that long? How much more can the smirking butler put up with me? Wish me luck!IMG_2097

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two down, four to go – weeks that is….

Two weeks and so far, holding my own, well not really. I have this “grumpy butler” (Sea) who tends to my needs .. . Well, he drives me to the grocery store where I have mastered the bulky electronic cart. He has managed to push me into several of our favorite lunch places. He will bring me my hot coffee if he is up in time, otherwise I manage to have less coffee.
I have mastered getting down three steps to the bed room and have learned to push the wheel chair which someone else is supposed to push, backwards into the bed room. I have left scratches on every door and piece of furniture in my way.
And I am counting the weeks…. two out of 6 the Dr said it would be. So- I have set myself an insane goal…. knit the purple sweater. I would pick yarn that requires a size 4 needle… but it is keeping me busy. I can push the sewing machine foot pedal with the left foot but I find when I sew, I need to get  up and about and that isn’t going to work. So I am knitting… I’ll keep you posted.IMG_2095

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We are not huge football fans, but since the Seahawks won the Super Bowl, we seem to be caught up in the local frenzy. Needless to say it is mentioned all week on all TV stations before every game. A trip to the grocery store on game day had all the clerks, and a large number of others wearing Seahawks colors. I was even complimented on my Seahawks blue cast on my leg. Gotta go with the team!
There was a time many, many years ago, before TV, when my dad would listen to the games on the radio. He would be in the basement, in his shop doing, who knows. He always had something to keep him busy down there. I would go down and watch, and when I was young, I had no idea what he was charting until I grew  up and watched the games on TV with him many years later.
He would save shirt card board (do they exist any more?) and draw the yard lines with a ruler. He would chart each play, each team up and down the field- a visual representation of the game. Amazing.
When TV was available he would watch the games on TV and when it was meal time the TV was situated in such a way that a hall mirror could be set so the TV could be seen from the dining room…backwards. Nothing would interfere with dinner with the family around the table….game or not ! Hooray for the Patriots… (we lived outside of Boston).
And now, we are cheering for the Seahawks… go Seahawks.

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