Uncruise May 6-7

Friday May 6

We have arrived in Alaskan water.

Another morning in the lounge. Coffee juice, pills and

watching what they are calling the early risers. We put our

watches back an hour and thus have gained more awake

time, time that is filled with watching the people race to

the doors to see the baby whale gallivanting with its

mama. Cameras with foot long scopes appear and the

whales, or the possible bear, or the eagle are

photographed in many scenes. mom4Yesterday it was a waterfall and the ship slowed down, not that it goes fast, and eased up to the waterfall for pictures. People listen to the very knowledgeable guides about the life of whales, the various pods, the transition from the southern waters to Alaska.

We have heard much of this before since this is our third Uncruise trip to the north. But it is good to be reminded, and this time particularly enjoyable because one of the couples we have met are the parents of Teresa, an exceptional young woman who is one of our guides. They sit and listen with proud smiles on their faces and for good reason. I have chatted with some of the youngsters gals, young, pretty, knowledgeable. Some are new to the cruise and as excited as the passengers to see the north.

mom3As I am writing, a whale appears, everyone runs to the window. It is surfacing frequently and the people cheer. Now the guide has arrived with a microphone and the rest of the ship, is told of the whale, as the ship slows down and heads toward the attraction.

I am reminded of a trip long ago, might have been a ferry to Alaska. When the whale surfaced the passengers headed to the side to watch. We laughed and said to ourselves, if we “yell whale to port”, we could then get front row places to stand on the starboard side where the whale really is.


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