Wednesday, April 27, 2016

It was the regular Otterbees day to meet, share quilting ideas or knit or whatever we generally do every Wednesday morning, mostly talk about events in our lives, past and present, the various dogs among the tribe,and occasionally show the current quilting project. Today it was Wanda’s baby quilt. It was also our last visit until June because I am going on a trip. Or rather a Cruise, to Alaska and won’t be back until the end of the month.
We enjoyed the various chocolate treats they brought, knowing chocolate was my
favorite… Also knowing,I am sure, that I will not be lacking in chocolate or good food for the month. Sea says we are taking this trip so I won’t have to cook.
I was doing some work in my office and I kept hearing a yipping sound.I kept looking for
the source of the yipping . It is even amazing that I could hear it. Then I realized it was one of the critters sitting on the window sill protecting it from dust and smiling at me while I work…Quietly… Yep yip yip
The very smallest critter was making the yips and would not stop til I picked him up and
dusted off his brow. Yip yip
“Just what is all this noise about?” I asked, knowing that these silent critters and I can
“It is my turn,” yipped the little dog. “You talk dogs all the time in the other room. I have
heard it and yet you never share what a well behaved, well trained, quilt little dog I am.”
“Okay, ” I patted Russ on the head and started to put him back on the shelf.
“Wait a minute!” yipped Russell, Russ for short, “You took Kirby and Wisdom
Huckapellet and some teddy bear on one of your trips and I think it is my turn. I am very small. I won’t take up much space in your small suitcase and I have always wanted to see Alaska…Whatever that is…”
“Okay . Can you write about the trip? The others all wrote something.”
“Sure … I can type on that IPad better that you can…so Alaska is a place…? IS it big?
How do we get there? What….. Why…/when?”
“We leave next Tuesday. Amelia will drive us to Seattle where will meet with our fellow
passengers at a Hotel and when we are all gathered there, we will be taken to our ship.”
“Ship….????? I can’t swim. Or I don’t think I can swim….”
“You don’t have to swim. We will board the ship and even be shown to our room. You can
come along, but please don’t try yipping. I am not sure dogs are allowed on the ship.”
“I will be quiet. You won’t even know I am there. I promise…. And I will write about your
adventures every day… Can I go…????”


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One Response to Wednesday, April 27, 2016

  1. Cherie Thomas says:

    Russ looks a lot like Brody! I’m looking forward to hearing what he thinks of Alaska!

    Cherie Thomas

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