May 3 – Uncruise trip

Wednesday May 4

Well we are on the ship. We spent hours and hours at the

hotel making small talk and munching cookies… Or some

of us did. Finally someone arrived and said we could get

on the bus. There were 35 of us… And me of course. I was

very tired of waiting. Finally going some where… And then

we were on a bus and cruising, well hardly cruising, I could

have walked faster than the bus around the “tourist”

places of the city. Tons of traffic. I am not sure if closing of

the viaduct, or just rush hour was the reason for so much

traffic  but I think we were supposed to tour for an hour

before we could get on the ship.

The Safari Explorer was waiting for us with the whole

crew of people in blue shorts saying they were with Un-


We were shown to our room, given the necessary

information and then left to relax. We were there…3 meals

a day for the next twenty days. We chatted with people

from Florida, poor guys, and met some Aussies…and

wonder of all wonders!  We met another Sea….Sea

McKewn and his dad Tim…. As a result of finding another

Sea, dad refused to have his name tag altered and will

remain Seabury…. Oh well.

Information in the lounge…dinner and more information…

mom2Oh and of course before we could set sail and begin to enjoy the trip, the obligatory life boat drill, All of us looking stupid in those huge life vests. HA! they did not have one small enough for me.

Rock-a bye and off to sleep in those wee beds, They said it was a rough night but we were down below and midship and just rocked to sleep.

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