Uncruise trip May 4-5

Oatmeal for breakfast and most went back to sleep or

took a walk around Friday Harbor. One look at

the amount of walking to find the yarn store to see yarn

we don’t need, and mom and dad nestled down for the

wait til we are back at sea again.



Salad with blue cheese dressing

Dessert.. Warm fruit, crumbled. Rust and vanilla ice cream

A second one enjoyed as we were told of our stop at

Sucia Island and potential hikes or skiff rides. Dad slept.

Mom read. Yip yip…maybe I could sneak into the kitchen

for something.

Seymour Narrows

Took pictures

Sleep eat watch the scenery and then do it all over

again.however the scenery is quite spectacular.

We learned about a huge rock that was blown up so that

you could travel through Seymour Narrows.

We heard about the people who were afraid of the

whales and set up guns to kill then when they came close

to shore until they did shoot one and found another whale

coming to its rescue. They discovered the whale ate fish,

not humans. The so-called killer whales would not harm

them. They took the injured whale ashore and built a huge


Or that was the information we heard today.

Meanwhile mom visited with one of the

Uncruise workers and learned that she had taught science at a high school

for three years, had been to every state and Switzerland and

joined this two weeks ago… at age 26. Amazing

the things that some of the things the young can and will

do given opportunity.

I remember my mother telling me I could do anything and

go anywhere if I wanted. I just had to make it happen.

Here I am doing things I never dreamed of.


Sucia Island

A stop at Sucia let the people get off the ship and enjoy

what this ship boasts about. There were numerous kayaks

out and about and several skiff tours. Us…. We just

watched it all happening, enjoyed cries and chatter.

Chatted with fellow IPAD person and managed to mess up

something . Fortunately he knew how to fix it.

Tech guru available to help!

So we are back to writing. Lunch listed as a very spicy

meal, as are all the meals… So mom and dad got turkey

sandwiches. Funny isn’t it. The trip was so mom could have

three meals a day she didn’t have to cook.

Cruising along with occasional interruption by the staff

who want to make sure we are not bored. The usual plan

is to stop and anchor and provide skiff and kayak jaunts,

but the plan is to get to Ketchikan as fast as possible so

we can take on more passengers and resume the trip,

A knot tying session must have been disappointing when

only three people signed up.

We were told a bit about whales. They have their,own

pods and the pods have their own language and cannot

communicate between pods. After dinner we learned

about a stray orca that ended up down in Puget Sound and

really belonged to a pod from the north. There were many

debates about what to do with the poor thing and finally a kid

suggested taking it back home so they did, creating a place

where it would be cared for in the event it was still a stray.

Apparently its family found her, surrounded the pen and

eventually she was released to join her pod.



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