Some days my “forgettery” seems to work over time. I lose a name, or get up to look for something, and have to sit back down and start again. Well, I have been doing that for ages. That’s not new.
Yesterday a friend brought an album she had made of a house they purchased  that needed a lot of work to make it livable. They moved in when heat and water were available and started working. The pictures of all the work they did is amazing. As she said, if they had known how much there was to do….. what — might not have started? might have given up? Who knows. The album is a wonderful memory of the work they did do and the pride they have in their accomplishment.
This reminded me of two albums Katie made for me at the time of our 50th wedding anniversary. I brought them out to share as well. I hadn’t looked at them in the 9 years since.
Katie made one album of me and my sister from babyhood til I was married. Oh my! My friends told me they would not have recognized me. Some people change a lot as they age. I guess I did.
Included among the artfully arranged pictures was my writing. I recall sending Katie stories I had written about my life and she put them in there, not always with pictures of the event, or near, but only I would know that.
What memories the pictures and stories brought back. My writing,…. me. I was overwhelmed. Memories and stories. How wonderful.
The second album was of me from married life to the 50th reunion… of kids arriving and growing up, of places we traveled to. She left blank spaces for me to write in. I didn’t and now must get my brain to work again to fill in the blank spaces in the album and in my brain. What a great project as we approach our 60th reunion at the end of this year.
Got to get that “forgettery” to stop working and remember wonderful years of kids and work and travel.

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8 Responses to forgettery

  1. csskubik says:

    It sounds to me like you are already getting the forgettery to stop. I LOVE that word. It is a perfect word for a lousy process. Good luck with the remembery!

  2. dogtrax says:

    What a gift — to get stories back from time and to remember yourself as a writer — magical.

  3. blkdrama says:

    Forgettery… good word for me too. I am forgetting a bit. So far it’s just a nuisance but I find if I don’t get frustrated, just play it cool, what I’m forgetting comes back. Memories are tough to hold on to but images, the ease of grabbing images make it easier.

  4. Dana Murphy says:

    I love the word “forgettery.” That album sounds just lovely, and you just gave us all another reason to write… if nothing else, to remember.

  5. Tara Smith says:

    These album traditions sound so special – I love the idea of leaving a space for written recollections, too.

  6. Lisa Keeler says:

    What a wonderful winter project for you- something special for you and your family and friends.

  7. Katie Trent says:

    I’m so glad you have returned to the albums and appreciated them! They were so much fun to put together, but with everything digital these days, they seem archaic even just 10 years later. I think I made copies of the first album for all your kids… I know I have a copy. It is fun to look at the images and read the stories. I do hope you’ll find time to fill in the gaps – I’ll help with putting the writing into the books. The words make the pictures so much more meaningful and fun for the next generation.

  8. bevbaird says:

    What a great word – forgettery. I am already there. I love that I have albums to look back on and check the memories – most are still there. Such a lovely post!

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