We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Three of our clan were missing, but we added two very tiny ones to the family gathering. Katie took off a month of work to come and help Alex and Jo through the first few weeks of giving birth to twin girls. Kaylee and Zoey were certainly the center of attention on Thanksgiving day. The two not so little girls arrived the day before and while Mom made the pecan pie, the girls and I watched a million ads between the parade events in NY on TV. But when someone said “The twins are here” they raced upstairs to hold and cuddle and observe two very tiny little beings.
I did manage the turkey, cranberry sauce and squash and the family provided the rest. How many Thanksgiving feasts had the men in the kitchen, making the gravy and stuffing, the veggies and cutting the turkey., then overseeing the array of dishes as the family gathered to fill their plates for the meal.
I was amazed when everyone was seated and seemed to wait for all to be ready. What was I supposed to say…
“One, two, three, go” seemed to be the words that came out of my mouth and everyone dug in and the room became quiet. Did we need to say “thanks’. It was obvious that everyone was thankful to be there, seeing family and enjoying life. What more could I say.
The rest of the day was so full of conversations I could not keep up with it all. Who was where and doing what. Everyone got to hold the babies, except me. I sat and watched them grin and stretch and sneeze. That was enough for me, while others were cleaning up in the kitchen , and feeding or holding or changing babies.
Happy Thanksgiving… what more can I say.FullSizeRender

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2 Responses to babies!

  1. Tara Smith says:

    Babies and family and wonderful food – what more can one ask for?

  2. I love the one, two, three go…funny! Precious little are blessed! xo

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