Kids – the 5th one

Number five is visiting with her husband this week. She is not my fifth child, she is the fourth, but when she found out that Bill (#2) occupied two numbers on my telephone (business and home), she found out she was relegated to number five. So when she calls from California, where she lives, she begins with “Hi. this is number five.” and I respond with “Hi five.” and from there we learn what she is up to and she listens to the not so exciting news about us.
She graduated from college as a math and computer science major and found a job in Ca. At some point she left that and now does gorgeous marquetry woodworking and teaches swimming locally to college kids, adults and at one point preschoolers. She had to get advice from her preschool teaching older sister to learn how to deal with wiggly preschoolers but managed that too. She has no kids of her own but invites the various nieces and nephews to visit her when they are old enough, greeting them with such suggestions as… “We have to go to the grocery store. What junk foods won’t your mom let you get and we will splurge.” They visit all the local attractions in southern CA including playing volley ball at night.
She came this week to see the new twins for the first time and I am sure she will find some way for them to visit…. a long time from now.
She arranged a visit with her brother to check up on those two not so little girls and arranged a visit with Amelia’s two kids, grown and on their own. We just provide bed , and a car.
Meanwhile I sit here and marvel at how helpful they are – in between visits to see the various bird watching sites in the area. They are new “bird brains” so it is all new and different. Me… someone says “See that bird over there. The one on the third branch down…. (several more directions and then… “oops, it just flew away.” I’ll wait for the kids pictures which are spectacular, and don’t fly away.

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5 Responses to Kids – the 5th one

  1. Lisa says:

    I do not have such a great relationship with my mom, and in fact I dread visits. I hope I can cultivate a lovely relationship with my own daughter, as you have with Five. Being the best aunt in the family has it’s perks.

  2. Your pride in your daughter, and the love you taught her, are so visible and understated here. I hope she reads this!

  3. Love the line “she begins with “Hi. this is number five.” and I respond with “Hi five.” So clear that you two are so close! Lovely.

  4. Dana Murphy says:

    Number Five sounds very cool. She should be bumped up to Number One. 🙂 Ha!

  5. anita says:

    I love that number 4 is 5 but that ALL are valued and wonderful and supportive of each other. I LOVE that your grandkids have an AUNTIE they can turn to when they need to do so. There is NO power on earth like an AUNTIE. HONEST!

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