showing my colors

Sweater progress… up to the arm pits. Not bad for a week sitting around watching TV and knitting ‘til my thumbs are numb. I also relearned how to crochet an afghan square… thank you – YouTube. I just might go back to the sewing machine and making quilt tops.
I learned to appreciate my grumpy butler when a daughter suggested I might have been put in a nursing home. I got a smirk from him when I told him what she said and since then I have tried to be less grumpy.
A visit to the Doc and a new cast… note the Seahawks colors…(they won the game)  and a gorgeous new shoe that doesn’t exactly match the other one. Oh well…
As for driving a car… suggestion, next time don’t mess with the right foot. Doc said it could be ten weeks, just in time to buy the turkey for Thanksgiving. Can I remain less grumpy that long? How much more can the smirking butler put up with me? Wish me luck!IMG_2097

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One Response to showing my colors

  1. anita says:

    I love the colorful LOOKING cast even if it and the need to rely on the “grumpy butler” is driving you crazy! You need to do a post and SHOW your knitting progress….it’s like you are a captive audience for the yarn!

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