itchy, itchy, no scratchy scratchy

Many years ago, Katie, the middle kid, crewed on a big sail boat for a race. Somehow she tripped on the boat and sprained her ankle. I don’t recall if she stuck it out ’til the end of the race, but I do know that many of the skippers in this race were part of the local medical profession. She was in good hands. Somehow she was given a cast on her ankle and told to keep it on for a specific amount of time.
That summer, I recall, we took a trip east to explore colleges with Katie in the cast. She wanted to get it off, get moving again and I remember going to the hospital in Cooperstown NY (Dad’s home town) and the cast was removed… I assume with some type of inspection.
Forward many years… here I am with a cast and told to keep it on for six weeks. Two to go… Of course Katie happened to mention to me last week that she was sorry she had the cast taken off so soon… whatever amount of time it was. But I can tell you… after all these years I sympathize…
I want this itchy hot thing OFF!!!! …

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2 Responses to itchy, itchy, no scratchy scratchy

  1. Katie #3 says:

    I remember that event! I slipped on the sail when I was jumping into the cabin to put it away in a sail bag. We did finish the damn race – with me down below in a lot of pain! I think Stan offered me some liquor, but I declined. One of the sailors on another boat was an orthopedic guy, I guess, so we met in the ER (?) and got the ankle casted. It was not broken but very badly sprained. Once on the East Coast, it was frustrating to be in a cast and unable to enjoy the beach and the water. We convinced them to take it off in Cooperstown, but they demanded to re-X-ray it to make sure it wasn’t broken and was healing well. I hadn’t realized how great having the cast on was – I could bear all my weight on it and had a walking cast. Once it was off, I had to walk on my sore and sprained ankle again. College touring was not fun!

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