More Memories

Are you ready?
Where are we going?
You”ll see.
Actually we were going out to lunch, a common quest at any noon time. The real question was what restaurant? We have about four favorites so the choice was limited to one we hadn’t been to last time.
As we are driving (I am at the wheel) Sea looks at the various houses along the route. I think he is looking for a future home for Katie to move to as she wants to be near to her grand kids… twin girls. It reminded me of a time many years ago when Sea was driving and I was asking the question.
I was pregnant with number four, who if you read old blogs calls herself number five. The other three were almost five, four, and and two years old. We were living in a three bed room house in Alexandria, Va. and the new baby was due in a few months.
Where are we going?
You’ll see.
The route was very close to where we lived and the road we turned into was a dead end circle with  seven or eight houses under construction. There was an agent available. I could see the signs. We pulled into the unfinished driveway of the only house with a tree.
“That one,” says Sea, and we all piled out of our VW bus and walked to the front door and into the house. It was nearly finished. We could move in, in about a month. Some of the others were still under construction. We looked over the split level four bed room house. It had a dish washer! It had a finished basement for a play room. It had a dish washer!. It was all new… with a dish washer.
The agent gave us the time line. We could move in about a month before baby four was due… on Christmas day. We took it and went home and started packing and getting ready for the move. Baby four came a week early and grandparents didn’t feel they could handle the rest of the crew so Sea took baby leave and stayed home with the three in the new house, organizing etc. (and began to understand my glee at having a dish washer.)
Sea and the crew came to take me home from the hospital right before Christmas. It was Bill (4)who asked the best question about fat Momie, now somewhat slimmer and holding this wee thing in her arms.
“Momie, do you have a zipper?”
And I went home to my brand new house and a dish washer. Hoooooray!  and one more member of the crew.

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One Response to More Memories

  1. amywh3lan13 says:

    What a busy, beautiful life! I love that you have a dishwasher!!!

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