How do you get rid of stuff……????

When we moved to Florida, we left our house half full and only took what fit in the small house in Florida. I recall Sea calling from Florida asking me to measure a certain item to decide if that item would fit and where it would fit. We left the rest in the house which Amelia moved into and said help your self. She did and then she did some purging as well. We moved to Cape Cod with all that we had, and accumulated more from the houses on the Cape. Ten years later we moved again back to Bellingham… well, somehow along the way we keep accumulating stuff.

A lot of the stuff is mine… fabric and yarn. I have been doing some weeding there, but I think it has learned to recreate itself as is doesn’t seem to be getting any smaller.

Now I am beginning to realize, I have to do something about it… the yarn and fabric is easy. Friends who quilt and knit can help me. I have more sweaters than I will ever need. I don’t wear them, but I knit them. I need to give up what I don’t wear… or at least some of them.

I offered space in our basement for Amelia to store things. Then I went to see what was there. Good grief. We need to do some purging there as well.

Wish me luck… I am trying……

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4 Responses to stuff

  1. Wishing you very good luck. I’m trying the same purging project but not making much of a dent into a lifetime’s accumulations.
    Bernadette Laganella

  2. I wish you ten pounds of luck. And if you figure out how to get rid of stuff, please let me know. The ping pong table in my basement is crying because it can’t be played on. It is surrounded by boxes.

  3. newtreemom says:

    PLEASE, oh, PLEASE, let us know the secret if you really find the answer to your opening question!!

  4. Jaana says:

    Purging…..I have friends coming over in a few weeks to help me do that in the basement! For me, it is papers. Yarn is upstairs, safely organized!

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