pecking order

Running errands and making appointments, I find my mind wanders as I travel familiar roads and wait at stop lights, certain that there is a gadget in my car that turns them red as I approach the intersection.

Today, my entertainment, while I waited for a particularly long light was a set of two power lines over the road. There were birds sitting on both lines. I tried to count, but they kept moving. A rough estimate is over 200. While I watched,  a bird would arrive and nudge in between two birds. Sometimes they would move and the long  line of birds would expand. Sometimes the two birds would nudge, (peck at,) each other and the new bird would replace the old, who would then move along and nudge another and the line would change.

As a former grades 1-2-3 teacher, I can tell you this pecking order runs among children as well… but with a lot more chatter…… and with adults too.

In fact, I have a vivid memory from many years ago at an adult training for Girl Scout Leaders. We were in a circle learning songs, when the leader wanted to break us into small groups. You have seen this before. You count around the group 1-2-3…1-2-3 and the 1’s form a smaller group, and the 2’s and the 3’s…. I have to tell you, I watched these adults bobbing their heads around the group, and changing spaces and moving so they would be in a group with their friend or friends….I guess kids and grown ups and birds  have their own pecking order.

And as I write this I am reminded of the Scout song:
“Make new friends.
but  keep the old.
One is silver
and the other gold.”

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2 Responses to pecking order

  1. I like your story mom, a little “noticing,” a little “connecting,” a little “wondering.”

  2. caroline524 says:

    It’s funny. I recently witnessed the same thing happen at a workshop. I love how you made the connection between the meeting and the birds on the wire.

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