They are so cute to look at. The news recently spoke of one school with 24 sets of twins in the same grade. Amazing.

Both my grandmothers were twins. One had a twin brother and I have been told fraternal twins are not hereditary. I don’t know if the other two were identical, but I was named after one of them. Every time I was pregnant I was sure I did not want twins, especially as my four all arrived in a five year period and it was rather chaotic in our house without a double set of infants.

When my first granddaughter was born, a neighbor had twin girls about the same time. Those three grew up as good friends and Amelia is still in touch with the twin’s mom.  Now, guess what, one of those twins is having twins! It will be two little boys, and the grandma of those twins will surely know how to help care for them.

I made twin quilts when the girls were born, so of course, now I am making twin quilts for the two baby boys… two quilts almost alike but not exactly.  I love having an excuse to make baby quilts.  twins quilts

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3 Responses to Twins

  1. Ellen Spears says:

    Twins – almost alike but not exactly. So true.

  2. blkdrama says:

    Twins, intriguing.

  3. Cherie Thomas says:

    I look forward to seeing the new quilts! Amy has planned a trip around northwest Illinois quilt shops for me this weekend. We’ll see if the weather cooperates . . . I heard my first tornado sirens this morning!

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