It’s Sunday… the day I write my blog or dig up some old writing and send it off to Amelia with or without pictures for her to “load” on Tuesday. So what have I done today…. nothing. Well, it isn’t fair to say nothing.

rainbow rallyI assembled the materials to make a quilt for the shop. It is all dark and I wanted sunshine. So I set aside that project and searched for all the bright rainbow colored blocks I have stashed somewhere. I arranged and rearranged them several times and discarded some. Now I have a rainbow wall of various experiments I have worked on. Tomorrow I will delve into the dark project and look up, once in a while to the rainbows (and remind myself I am earning store credit so I can buy more rainbows.)

Half way through the morning the junior sailors arrived. Several of our regulars have kids who have sailed with us and there are others who have taken sailing lessons in town. Every year “the dads” arrange a junior regatta on their boats or borrowed boats. It was a beautiful sunny day, so it was easy to be distracted from the rainbow wall and out onto the lake.

After lunch on our deck, they went out for the second part of the regatta, and our two little grandchildren came by after a bike ride further up the lake road. Their mom had asked if I had a typewriter that they could borrow. I remembered years ago when Katie was 9 or 10, she spent a whole five dollars on an huge old black Remington typewriter. This was long before computers in every house so she had a great time typing away. These two young ones do not have access to computers as well. (Their parents do but their school discourages computers until they are older… and I am told in 8th grade they will learn to build their own).

As it happened, I had managed to save my old portable machine from Sea’s determination to clean up the stuff we never use. In fact I found two portables in the basement. I have no idea where the second one came from but they are almost identical… and what’s more, I had two boxes of typewriter ribbon in my desk… price tag reading $1.69. I wonder where and if you could find one today and for how much!.

I set up the machines on the dining room table and tested them to see if they worked. The ribbons in them were still were pretty good. The two little girls arrived, tossed off their shoes and sat down at the machines. A little help once in a while and they were pecking away – the first grader typing in sight words, the third grader making sentences.

Phoebe still had a birthday gift awaiting her or I think they would still be pecking away. The present for the first grader this year has been Legos. The company has finally figured out how to make them attractive for little girls. My preschool-teaching daughter could have told them what to do years ago. Boys build cars and vehicles. Girls build houses and go visiting friends…. and that is what they did for the short time they were here.

Meanwhile the race ended and pizza was ordered…. 14 boxes! The sailors put away the boats, ate almost all the pizza and left the place pristine…

dark quiltTomorrow I will tackle the dark quilt…. maybe

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3 Responses to Sunday

  1. Cherie Thomas says:

    Looking forward to seeing both quilts. I fly out of Illinois at 6:20 tomorrow morning but get into Bellingham too late for Otterbees. See you all next week.

  2. I love your stories. Your life is so full. Full of color and love and water and friends and family. Thank you for sharing your week.

  3. neenslewy says:

    An enjoyable slice, hope we get to see the finished quilts!

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