stir crazy

Note from Amelia, eldest daughter of Fran, who is the primary author of this blog

Usually on Sundays I receive a note in my email-box titled “slice.”  I open it up and there will be a few words such as “new gasket” or “button quilt” prior to the contents of a letter my mom intends for me to copy and paste into this blog.  (See previous entries on blog.) Sometimes there is a note about an accompanying picture to be found on her Picasa site.

I’ve learned over the past few years that while she calls me her editor, mom really doesn’t like me to edit much of her writing at all – just fix the capitals and periods and take out occasional repeats of words.  I’ve learned to respect my mom’s “voice” and let it shine through her writing.  Sometimes when I visit on the weekend, I get to hear her read her “Slice of Life” out loud, which is a real treat.

I kind of pushed mom into this blog writing enterprise because I thought she’d enjoy a new creative outlet.  I created the blog, told mom about it and encouraged her to send me her writing and I would enter it.  In the beginning, mom felt like she had to come up with something every week.  She combed through old letters and memories and shared about her childhood, teaching experience and connections to events happening in present day.  Lately, she has become more relaxed about her writing, sending me an entry only when she’s inspired to write.  She does enjoy reading the comments and has made some interesting connections through this blog.  Plus, her far flung kids – my siblings – get to see what mom is up to and thinking because she doesn’t “do Facebook.”

So the weekend has come and gone and mom hasn’t sent me a slice – but she did send two pictures which summarize her activities.  A blizzard of snow falling all day on Sunday kept her housebound so she did what mom usually does when she’s cooped up – start a new quilt project which she has aptly named “Stir Crazy.”

enough already

enough already

stir crazy

stir crazy

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5 Responses to stir crazy

  1. newtreemom says:

    A picture is worth a thousand words…add those captions, the backstory, and it adds up to even more!

  2. Katie says:

    Looks like colorful whirling dervishes to me!

  3. showgem says:

    I love that you introduced your mom to blogging and it is a shared experience. Beautiful quilt!

  4. Tara Smith says:

    How wonderful to learn the background information about this blog – it’s a family endeavor. The new quilt is stunning, by the way, as is the snowy view.

  5. I love the images …and the quilt name can certainly apply to this winter when we are all a bit stir crazy! I am glad to know the voices behind the images and the words!

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