the gathering of the clan

They came, all but one of the clan, to celebrate. Sia came first from California, hoping to get some time with Amelia and a goal to swim across the lake and back. (she did… twice). Amelia was back to school for the usual meetings so Sia got in a kayak ride with Corbin where he tested his new lack of legs and confirmed it was much easier to get around.

Sia’s husband came and the two of them helped put the sail boat to bed for the winter and then joined Katie and husband on the Olympic Peninsula for some hiking time.

They returned two at a time heading north for the “gathering.” Oldest grandson came with his wife and two HUGE dogs, and managed to take both of them home when the gathering ended. (whew)

Son Bill set aside time from his busy ferrying schedule to spend the afternoon, mostly becoming hamburger chef. His little girls became the entertainment giving their mom  a  brief rest from their antics. Oldest grand-daughter Britt and husband came. She brought a sewing repair job for Grandma…. no complaints, I will be rewarded with a special chocolate bar when I see her again.

Amelia and Mike came and that completed the tribe except for one. Grand-daughter Sarah’s picture was taped to a yard stick and I am willing to bet that “flat Sarah” will be in more pictures than anyone else.

Pictures were taken of family, by clan, by generation and finally a super photo of the Outlaws…those “lucky” guys and gals that married into this crazy group.

On Sunday they left. They took the dogs, the games they brought, the food we didn’t need because we are leaving soon also, and left the place cleaner than it was all week! . (thank you everybody!)

And Sea and I sat, and watched, and listened, were happy to see everyone come…..
and go.


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2 Responses to the gathering of the clan

  1. Tara says:

    Love the idea of the Outlaws…what a joyous and glorious family gathering you have had!

  2. pamelahodges says:

    Come …. and go.
    A fun time with family and flat Sarah. Did you make the headbands for the outlaws? Thank you for sharing your family stories. I always enjoy your stories.

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