All on a Thursday

Race day is Thursday. All day I get an hourly wind report from my hubby. There were clouds and rain threatening, but as the day progressed, the weather cleared and the wind, well, the wind was there but in a flukey direction. Nothing stops the sailors from racing so the committee boat person, my husband, went out on his boat to set up the marks and test the wind early.

Meanwhile, the Williamsburg Colonial Dress Company, (me,) left a phone message with Miss Lucy’s mom, “Your colonial dress is ready for a fitting.”

Lucy age 7 and Phoebe 5, will be visiting Williamsburg after school gets out. Phoebe has a colonial dress to wear that Lucy has outgrown. Since they both want to go in costume, it took very little persuasion for me to agree to make a new dress for Lucy. Lucy and Mom went shopping for just the right fabric, and the pattern, and I spent the last few days assembling the dress, hat and stole.  I needed her body to hem it just the right length.

The girls arrived just as the races were ending. Dad had come in first in both races so we watched as the boats were hauled back on the dock. Then it was time for trying on the dress.

Squiggles and wiggles – the dress was too big. “Better than too small,” I say as I tuck up the shoulders and plunk the hat on her head. Lucy does not take well to new clothes. She likes the old and well worn-in but, with a camera in hand and some coaxing from mom, she posed in the mirror and seemed to settle into her colonial wear.

As the boats were put to bed, and the races rehashed, the girls drew pictures for their dad as a reward for first place. A happy evening for all. 

Today I will hem and tuck.

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2 Responses to All on a Thursday

  1. Linda Baie says:

    I love hearing about the sailing, so thanks for more of that, & the special drawings. The colonial dress, & photo are just wonderful. What a special time they’ll have at Williamsburg.

  2. Tam says:

    What a special time for children. Soon our pontoon will be in the water–sailing in a different way, but it’s the water and the sun that soothes the soul!!

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