Time flies

Time flies when you are having fun.

A silly time with the Otterbees. We usually share quilting problems or talk families or get caught up on our lives. I was getting rid of some yarn some weeks ago. The yarn stash is enormous. If I were to knit steadily for ten or more years, I would not use it up so I have been giving it away. Some goes to the volunteer center that has people who will knit for the homeless, some to my sister 3000 miles away, some to my daughter, some to a store willing to sell it for store credit (which I don’t really need so it goes to the knitting daughter),  and now anyone who wants some.

BJ finished her “forever hats”. She was using a pattern to make hats which involved knitting only, no purling.  We came to call them forever hats because she only knit them when she was here and they seemed to go on forever. She was done, after almost a year. She didn’t want to knit hats again, she wanted a scarf..it might not take forever just knitting a scarf. So I invaded my stash and found a Cowichan wool, six ply. That means six strands of wool not even twisted together. That ought to go fast. BJ took one look and wondered how huge a needle to use, bigger than a primary pencil ? good grief!

Maybe we should separate it. The first day it took 3 of us to separate some of the skein, two to wind balls and one to untwist the strands so they would separate. 

Then she needed more. This time it took five of us and one to take the picture. We giggled, we laughed, we had tears in our eyes as we split the yarn and wound two balls and tried to deal with separating pieces.

Laughing makes wrinkles in your face. We all have many laugh lines now but we all had them before. The time flew by and lunch time came. Time to eat lunch and then head home to things we “otterbee” doing. One person mentioned how fast time is flying by. We recalled our working lives as teachers, a nurse, computer person and school counselor. Time did not go as fast then.

We all know how small children can hardly wait for Christmas which never seems to come fast enough. My Lucy wanted to know how come her birthday in July came after her younger sister’s in May when she was the older sister. Try answering that one!

Now we are all retired and time flies by so fast we can hardly imagine  how. Yesterday we were off to work, today we are retired and we won’t think about tomorrow. We will just laugh our way through separating strands of yarn, separating the parts of our lives that have been and are and will come someday, way too fast. 

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5 Responses to Time flies

  1. Annie Campbell says:

    Reading this, I felt like I got to be an Otterbee for a moment. Lovely to start my day with such a smile.

  2. Kathryn says:

    Life does have its seasons. Thanks for reminded me to delight in each one!

  3. Wanda Brown says:

    You make me want to get my needles out and go find a group. I am a terrible knitter but sure do love reading your posts. There is an author by the last name of Jacobs, I think, that wrote a book about a knitting shop and friends who gathered there. Have you read it?

  4. Stacey says:

    Those quilts in the background are GORGEOUS!

    Your posts have been making me realize it’s time to break out my needlepoint and get started again (before the baby arrives and I have no time for myself).

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