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When a teacher becomes a student….

I took a class the other day. It was a quilt class. I have not been a student in a long time. The quilt was not difficult. I had a good look at the pattern before the class and experimented … Continue reading

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“The time has come,” the Walrus said, “To talk (write)of many things: Of shoes–and ships–and sealing-wax– Of cabbages–and kings– And why the sea is boiling hot– And whether pigs have wings.” It is Sunday, the day I sort through the … Continue reading

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I don’t often read my horoscope, but it is on the same page as Dear Amy and the crossword puzzle, so I can’t help but take a peek at Virgo. Last Sunday it said I had too many things going. … Continue reading

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I’m outta here!

After praising the fact that rain is tolerable, I think I made the statement: ” just my luck we will have a blizzard.”  Well, we did. Even a friend in California wrote to say we had made national news and … Continue reading

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It’s(now)…it’s snow…a quilt project

The Christmas festivities are over and  I am back on my sewing machine piecing fabric into what might be called quilts. I keep getting new ideas and find myself scrounging around in my basement looking for just the right fabric … Continue reading

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Space (consuming) UFO’s

I make quilts. Or rather I should say, I make quilt tops. I love the process of finding designs, choosing the fabrics, and drawing the patterns on my Mac. I like to get ideas from quilts I see on line … Continue reading

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zen doodling

Oh dear, I have a new addiction. I learned about zen doodling when Amelia was telling me about an idea for a silk painting class a friend of hers will be teaching. (The inspiration came from a website on “zentangles.”) I … Continue reading

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