I took last week off…. But now I think I am back in the routine… rut. I can sew on my sewing machine with my left foot. I can walk around in my “boot” which isn’t very stylish and doesn’t match my other shoe, but is much more comfortable than the cast. I am 8 inches away from finishing the second sleeve on the sweater I told myself I would knit during this unwanted hiatus. Sewing it together will not take long. And I have bought more yarn and more fabric for the next project. I cleaned out another closet and found more unfinished projects… so I guess everything is back to normal… more or less.
The big news of last week was the arrival of my first great granddaughters. Kaylee and Zoey have arrived and Alex and Jo are ready to face their homecoming soon. Pictures show Alex holding Zoey, her little head barely filling his hand. How tiny they are! Grandma Katie will visit next month and by then they should be home and things as normal as they will be for the next 18 years, and we will go for a visit.
I have two Christmas stockings to knit and have been told not to make them too small. What fun…. and two baby smocked dresses and two…… I am not sure I should make any more commitments. I can now write about the other girls…  “not-so-little”  -Lucy and Phoebe, and the “little” girls Kaylee and Zoey. I wish they were near enough that I could see them often. They grow up so fast.

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One Response to Finally!

  1. newtreemom says:

    Such a celebration…of your recovery,, and even more of family and of the everyday.

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