Lazy day after one little trip

Lazy day Monday

One of the cartoons called it lazy day. Stay at home, relax, rest. Well, I don’t go to work any more but I should have  treated it as a lazy day. I got up with the intention of finishing (at last) a quilt I started some 15 or 20 years ago. It is supposed to have 12 cat blocks. Eight are done. If I did just one more, it would be big enough!.…. except  I tripped and did something  to my right foot, the one that uses the sewing machine pedal….
I spent Lazy day with my foot wrapped in ice, up on my lounge chair watching very old TV shows and knitting a sock. Oh well, Sia really wants the socks and there was nothing else I could do. The cat quilt is obviously not in a hurry to be done. What does it matter.
Back to the socks. Might even get both done now.

PS – from oldest daughter, editor-in-chief
(then mom went to the doctor today to get that swollen ankle checked out and it is broken….one blue cast and a wheelchair…one lazy day after another now….for 6 weeks….
Anyone for a pair of socks?)

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