A Slice of Yesteryears – Treasure

An addition to the sweater saga of last week’s entry….the story behind the story

My granny knit all of my sweaters when I was a child. I often did get the ones with stripes on the sleeves and the bottom, which were reworked from last years, or my sister’s outgrown ones.
This did entail a certain ceremony every summer. Granny would invite us down to her little cottage on Cape Cod. We would arrive and she would have a tape measure, pencil in hand and a piece of paper ready. I came to understand about the paper as I was older. It was always torn on the sides. Granny saved everything. The papers were the back sides of envelopes she had received in the mail.
Once there, the ritual began. She would trace around a hand, fingers together, fingers spread out. And always there was an extra line at the end of the thumb and the tallest finger.I might add I do recall this procedure tickled my fingers and I would be told to hold still.
Then the sweater measurements… the arm, the back, the waist. I find I have done this with all of my grandkids when I had a chance and somewhere in my piles of stuff I have the hand prints of the four older grandkids, now all grown up, and notations in my knitting book of what size sweater I have knit for Lucy and Phoebe.
The purple sweater was the first I have added on to. With the others I assume the sweaters were passed on to someone else. In fact, when my kids were small and I worked as an aide in the local school, I saw my children’s sweaters on neighbor’s kids as they moved along the street to the younger children.
Then there is the sweater I won. I was in high school when I won a gift certificate for a sweater at a local store. I have no recollection how or why. My mother took me into Worcester to the store and waited while I made my selection.
It took a long time and finally the clerk  asked my mom why it was taking so long.
“She has never owned a store bought sweater. She is comparing them to hand knit.”
Hand knit fit, perfectly.
It was then I realized what a treasure a hand knit sweater is.

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2 Responses to A Slice of Yesteryears – Treasure

  1. Raivenne says:

    There’s no place like home (made); even when it comes to comes to knitting.

  2. Marjorie Lydecker says:

    Love your stories! WhenI turned 13 I told my Mom no more homemade cloths! My daughter begged me to make her Prom dresses, because they fit her . One time Ken,s Mom purchased a skirt for her birthday and the day she went to wear it I said wait I have to remove the tickets. And she said please don’t “I never had anything with tickets on it!!” So much for rummage sale cloths! Marge >

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