I find I am writing often about “the little girls” – and they are hardly little any more at ages 9 and 11 – tall and slim and full of energy. But my other “grands” are between 26 and 30…. all grown up. We do see some of them now and then, but not as often as the little girls. In fact we have learned that my first great-grands will be arriving in the fall… twin girls. Can’t wait to see them.
Lucy, the 11 year old is growing so fast that a sweater I knit her a year ago has “shrunk”, according to Lucy. Mom washed it in the machine, and suddenly it was small. Fortunately I had more of the same yarn and spent a little time extending the length of the sleeves and the bottom. Lucy is getting taller and her arms are getting longer but she is as slim as ever.
She arrived from her new island home last week and I mentioned the purple sweater awaiting her. She ran to get it and put it on. “Perfect”, she says, “and it’s just like the other one!”
“It is the other one,” I said and I showed her where it was lengthened, and of course had to tell her about my Granny who would take a too small sweater and do the same thing. If she ran out of the proper yarn, we got stripes, until it was hopeless. And being the younger of two, I usually got the stripes.IMG_0290


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3 Responses to perfect!

  1. blkdrama says:

    Wonderful to have the little girls around. We have two new girls in our family and it’s such a joy. ENJOY!!!

  2. Katie #3 says:

    I love the photo and the story about the stripes – not sure I’ve ever heard that one! I guess the twins won’t have to worry about hand-me-downs!

  3. That picture is precious – including the stripes! Love this slice about being practical and loving all at the same time!

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