all because…..

I wasn’t going to buy more fabric (for a while). I turned down an invitation to visit a new fabric source. Instead, I visited my stash in the basement and in the drawers in my sewing room. I put together a lap size quilt, and then another, and then another. They were nice, but not ones I wanted to finish and hang in my living room. So I donated them to the quilt guild that finishes quilts for the kidney center. I hauled out a kit I bought many years ago and began sewing that. The pieces are piled on the sewing table unfinished.
All because a friend came to the Otterbees with a pile of fabric she had bought. We all drooled over her choices. I had seen that fabric in a sample quilt at the store. Nice… but… not for me, until I got out mirrors and tested how it would stack and whack. (This is a plan where the fabric is carefully stacked so the design is laid one on top of another six layers deep, or 8, then carefully cut so you have 6 or 8 identical pieces. (see Bethany Reynolds for ideas)….
One of the fabrics looked like I would love to try it. I raced to the store. I bought six repeats… of course this was a 24 inch repeat so I had to buy four yards! I bought three other fabric to go with it. So much for my plan not to buy more fabric… for a while. I began cutting and stacking and testing my plan…………

Amelia took one look. Not the right green, says she. So we took a day to cruise other fabric shops, finding two greens that would work.

1-photo  2-photo-001

End result…. I now have more fabric in my stash. I will finish this one and may even hang it in my living room, or let Amelia have it…. and return to making kidney quilts until my stash is a little smaller…. maybe…. and please don’t show my any new fabrics for a while.

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One Response to all because…..

  1. mayawoodall says:

    What a cool culture, quilting culture. I admire your craft.

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