Baby X2 bump

Baby X2 bump


Twins…both my grandmothers were twins, one with a sister, the other a brother. All four times I was pregnant I hoped it would not be this time. My four were born within a five year period and twins would have been even harder. It didn’t happen.
But now my grandson and wife will have twins this fall. Not sure if I will know if it is boys, or girls or one of each. My hope is that it all goes well.
Lucy and Phoebe and a friend came for a visit last week and I announced to them at snack time that I had names for the twins. I said I had named them Permilla and Percy. Those are both family names. I got a puzzled look from my granddaughters and a very polite look from their friend, Rose. I wasn’t sure if her look was a question about why I was naming the twins, or my choice of names. Lucy wanted to know about the names so I said, “I give new babies names like that so that no matter what name the parents choose, it will be an improvement.”

A relieved look crossed Rose’s face. Lucy wanted to know what her name was before she was born. I am not sure. She might have been Mehitable…. but that isn’t a family name.
In any event, boy or girls, I have made quilts for the babies. Their dad, Alex, had a baby quilt as did my other grandchildren. I was so happy to see how much he loved it… to shreds. Every summer when he came to visit it was smaller, as his mom trimmed and refinished the edges. These two quilts are already small. I already have plans for bigger ones as they grow, and I know if it is boys or  girls or boy and girl.

baby quilts

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One Response to twins

  1. Katie #3 says:

    You can start thinking pink. They are pretty sure that both are girls! Now the question will be identical or not. Lots of testing last week and all looks very good.

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