medical intervention or rather inspiration

A visit to my new doctor last week brought to mind two stories. Dr. V. was accompanied by a young college student who was pre-med with the dream of being an OB-GYN Doctor some day. I had a short chat with her when Dr. V. left the room.
It reminded me of a cousin who baby sat my grandchildren in the summer. Muffy was a high school student when she took care of Corbin, my spina bifida grand son. It gave her the inspiration, some day, to become a doctor. She graduated from Med School and is now a pediatrician and gives Corbin credit for her desire to become a doctor.
My other story is about when my son made a go-cart and proceeded to ride it down our hilly street. Of course it didn’t have brakes so he slammed into something and needed a trip to the emergency room.
Katie, a little younger, begged to go along with us. After a long wait for service, she announced to the world; “They do it a lot faster on TV.” Bill’s injury was minor and he recovered to enjoy a few more scrapes and bruises before he grew up.
Katie has become a physical therapist…. and I hope she works speedily to help her patients, like they do on TV.

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5 Responses to medical intervention or rather inspiration

  1. arlsvera says:

    It’s great to see where the inspiration comes from!

  2. jhaworthoy says:

    How nice that your grandson gave Muffy the inspiration to be a doctor.

  3. Ha.. they do it faster on TV.. precious.. thanks for sharing

  4. I love how a “problem” or at least a “difference” can inspire and transform a life! I suspect many great minds can trace their roots to an “issue” that inspires. Wonderful post!

  5. Michele says:

    It is amazing what doctors and physical therapists do! We’re familiar with both – my daughter requires limb lengthening surgeries and PT is a part of her life! We thank God for doctors and their medical miracles everyday 🙂

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