teacher’s pet – not!

In an effort to inspire more writing, I have gotten suggestions from my kids. I thought I had told all my stories and was in limbo.
With two little girls visiting frequently, stories of grade school have returned.
We went to a second grade play this week. The girl who played the lead was one I had encountered when I visited the classroom. She was alert and attentive, got her work done quickly and neatly… everything a teacher would love in a classroom. That was not me!
When Miss Jepson, grade 2 teacher had a class play, P.G. was the selection for the lead. I remember her well. P.G. got her work done quickly and neatly. P.G. was very cute…. well everything I wanted to be like. I was jealous of P.G….and yes I really do remember her name and what she looked like… everything I was not, or thought I was not. I sat in the back row, kept my mouth shut and did what I had to, but I really wanted to be the play lead. I don’t recall what the play was about but I have a vague feeling it was about the history of our country’s early years. What part did I have in the play? I was behind the scenes with several other kids, I think boys, and I got to bang on a cardboard box to make the sounds of the horses arriving on the scene.

My 5th grade teacher was Miss Butterfield. I moved in the middle of that year to Pennsylvania and to a small Quaker school. But before I  moved I recall being seated boy girl boy girl throughout the class room. I was not in the back row but close. There was the proverbial ink well for our pen and ink cursive writing exercises, but I did not have pig tails for someone to dump in the ink well. Instead, I was the messenger between the boys on either side and in front of me. I recall passing notes frequently. Then, just a week or so before our big move I got caught. They were not my notes but I was one who was caught and was moved front and center where Miss Butterfield could keep an eye on me. I have to admit, the move to Pa. was more than welcome!

With these long ago memories and a long past 16 year teaching career… I often  wonder what stories my former students would have of me. Better not dwell on them. I do have many fond memories of kids and classes and events both in Florida and here in Bellingham. I hope they remember happy events.

In a way this relates to my daughters blog entry from last week. I was not teacher’s pet in grades 2 and 5, but seemed to be just fine in  other  grades. If there is a teacher’s pet in a class, how do the others feel?

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3 Responses to teacher’s pet – not!

  1. I think all children desire to be the teacher’s pet. I think it is part of the human bonding experience to want to be special to people who are intimately involved in our life.

  2. Tara Smith says:

    I’ve always had a rule about no pets in our classroom – once kids sense that there is a teacher’s pet, I think it changes the class’ dynamics – and not for the better. Loved your description of your early school days – we had inkwells, too!

  3. arlsvera says:

    It’s funny how you remember those childhood kids’ names. I’m that way too – first and last names are attached to certain memories. As for teacher’s pets .. it’s inevitable since it’s human nature to favor certain people, but the trick is keeping it hidden from the other kids….

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