Phoebe’s dog (to be)

My youngest granddaughter LOVES dogs. They don’t have a dog, but whenever she sees one she has to pet it and give it a hug.
I was in a local book store recently and there was Phoebe’s dog. It was on a shelf with its paw in a dog dish. I knew it was just the dog for Phoebe, so I took hold of it and headed to the cash register. A little later Sea found a book to buy so I handed him the dog and I went to pay for the book. (I am the one who holds onto the receipts we get when we sell back a book at the book store, so I get to make the transactions.)
Sea held the dog near by and started to sneeze. I had told the clerk the dog was for my granddaughter. She looked at Sea and might have said “bless you” as many do and I said to her,  “He’s allergic to dogs.”
We both laughed and the dog and Sea and I went home, he with his book and me to hide the new dog in the closet until the ninth birthday next month.
Just the kind of dog I need to take care of… no food, no letting out side to…, no yelping at being stuck in a closet… but waiting nevertheless for the hugs from one little girl in May.IMG_1900  IMG_1902

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2 Responses to Phoebe’s dog (to be)

  1. blkdrama says:

    Now that’s the PERFECT dog gift!

  2. Tara Smith says:

    The kind of doggies are the best!

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