sensational connections


just taking a look at them all

got my ears attached with little things stuck in my ears. Just had them adjusted and right now my right ear hears better than my left…. gotta see about that

tasting… as long as it tastes like chocolate I am OK with that

smelling……I guess it still works. I can still smell chocolate fudge cooking, and if I burn the toast I can smell that

feeling…yup, my fingers can knit even when my hands shake. My feet can still find their way to the sewing machine peddle and the quilt parts are still pouring out in front of me

seeing… well – had a crisis this week with a scratched eye ball… ended up with drops and a “bandage” on the eye ball.  Didn’t know you could do that. It looks like a contact lens. I can still see through that eye, sort of!
But it did bring up a story. When my sister was in 4th grade and I was in second, someone decided Mary might need glasses. She was taken into  the big city of Boston to see and eye doctor. I don’t know  if I went along, but I think I did. I remember Mary coming out of the doctor’s office telling me about this wonderful eye test. She got to  “put the birdie in the cage”.
You could say I was jealous. She got brand new glasses and told everyone she could now see the leaves on the  trees. I wanted to put the birdie in the cage as well. I could see the leaves, but there must be something else. I did manage to get an eye test sometime later. And, no… no glasses…. not until many years later. I have learned  – don’t wish for what you don’t need until you need it!

and thanks to a pace maker my heart is still beating… yup, I am still here even if parts of me are somewhat aging and being prodded to keep going.

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2 Responses to sensational connections

  1. newtreemom says:

    Glad all the parts keep going! You are so right, don’t wish for what you don’t need before you need it. It doesn’t make sense (she was young) but my daughter envied the kids who got to go to the nurse’s office to use inhalers…until she ended up with ashthma herself. Her sysmptoms waned during the years when it would have been “cool” to trek down to the office, but have reappeared now that she is in college. Not so cool.

  2. Tara Smith says:

    I longed for glasses, too…now, many years later, I long not to have to wear them!

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