“Brain on Break” gives family a good laugh

We had some snow a month or so ago, real snow. The kind that comes down in huge flakes and you  can see it piling up in a very short time. I know, I should not be reminding some of the country about snow. You may still have some on the ground, but snow in Bellingham is the good kind. It comes, looks pretty and is usually gone in a day or two, giving schools a snow day, and the rest of us something to talk about that isn’t rain.
It was that heavy snow day that Sea was looking out the window and said to me, “Do you see those three baby eagles on the tree out there?”  I looked… and sure enough there were three lumps on the branch of the tree with snow hats. Now I know baby eagles don’t sit on the lower branches of a tree. But it was an unusual day and my brain was on vacation (a snow day). I got out my camera to take pictures of the baby eagles. I even went really nuts and called my daughter to bring out her good camera and her steady hand as my pictures tend to be a little blurry.

photoThen I took a minute to think… actually use my brain for a minute. Those were not baby eagles. They looked more like baby owls, little lumps with snow hats.
Well, it is spring, and they are still there, three baby lumps, more commonly called pine cones. They are still looking out toward the water. They are enjoying the ever present rain and I assume the rare sunshine as well.
And every time I look at them I remember the snow, and the day I lost my brain and fell for that inane comment about baby eagles. And Amelia’s family can also laugh about it… but not to me.
pine cones otterlandingI assume soon the baby eagles/owls/ pine cones will fall off and do what baby pine cones do, and I will  not be reminded every time I see that branch of the day I lost my brain. I will try and hang onto my working brain a little longer.

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3 Responses to “Brain on Break” gives family a good laugh

  1. Adrienne says:

    They really do look like baby eagles/owls. What a great story. It’s the sort of thing that becomes a family legend. Every time something pine cone related comes up, someone will say “Remember the time……”

  2. arlsvera says:

    That made me laugh! The snow was making you giddy .. and playing tricks on your mind. I’m sure your family will laugh at that one for quite a while!

  3. Susan Maclay says:

    I can see exactly how you could believe they were baby birds. I love your description of the huge flakes piling up in a short time and the image of a baby eagle-owls wearing a snow hats. This is definitely a fun story to enjoy again and again!

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